Goran Turnsek

Decending Soul

3 Mar 2009
3 Mar 2009

Video was made when I was visiting China with a traveling agency KRAS. During the trip we visited a city called SuZhou (Chinese Venice) in which I saw a bridge on which I imagined a dance. Bridge had very magical power. I could not resist to improvise on it. I asked a friend of mine (Jurian Harteveld) from the group to film me while I dance off the bridge.
However, dance was a result of many images and information I received about China and Chinese culture during the trip. Reference was made to Chinese dragon and the use of word spirit for Japanese foreigners after the Second World War. For me it was a moment when I could take the freedom and dance no matter what people would think or say. At the same time, I wanted to experience how people would react to a western theater dance form.
Danceform combines traveling and art and is in this sense unique.


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