Scanning Robin & Speculum Celestiale

Sinfonia Diagonale

Whoever attends to the great symphony of rhythms, sooner or later has occasion to observe that organic and cosmic tides constitute polarized forms of a rhythmical totality that corresponds to rhythms that occur in both the organic and the super-organic realms.

(Ludwig Klages, The Symphonic Rhythms of Earth, from Vom Kosmogonischen Eros, 1922)

To understand the contemporary world it is necessary to observe the global both as an integrated system and as a chaotic collection of signs, and to learn to navigate through this flow of sensation. The multiplicity is one level of the parts which together create an almost-whole, which is transformed with the variation of its elements. The three days’ events, organized by E-M Arts and Fondazione Morra, represent a particular occasion in order to delve thematic and reasons of the cyber space. The meetings aim, individually and collectively, at a synaesthesis of different arts and stimuli in which music, poetry, art, nature and philosophical pondering come together.

June 20th Nitsch Museum

h. 07:30pm - project presentation Transient Spaces - The Tourist Syndrome
by Marina Sorbello and Antje Weitzel, Uqbar Berlin
h. 08:00pm - Scanner Ghosts of the Present concerto

June 21st Vigna San Martino

h. 07:30pm - walk through the tracks of Gardens of Visions & Ab Anima
h. 09:00pm - Andrea Cusumano and Giuseppe Lomeo Cunto, performance
h. 10:30pm - Scanner + Roberto Paci Dalò The Napoli Files concert
Giacomo De Luca live visual
h. 12:30pm till 6:00am - Paul Alexandrow, Stefan Draschan aka Monte Disco & Christian Wandling aka Slick Resolut Vienna vs recessione globale / lieber orgien als sorgien dj-set


20 june Museo Nitsch: €. 10,00 / students €. 5,00
21 june Vigna San Martino: €. 15,00 / students €. 7,00 (only PRESALE, no tickets to buy at the entrance)


Museo Nitsch vico lungo Pontecorvo, 29/d - Tel. 081 5641655.