The extension of polder Mastenbroek

Ongoing Series about agriculture in Flevoland

6 Oct 2005

Thursday 6 October 2005, the Ongoing Series will take place with a brainstorm session including the city farmer of Almere, farmers from Flevoland, and Sjaak Langenberg and Theo van den Aker, the producers of the film De Uitbreiding van polder Mastenbroek (The extension of polder Mastenbroek). This film is a statement in the current discussion about city and rural areas. The film will be shown at 19.00 o'clock and the brainstorm session will start at 20.00 o'clock. Beforehand at 18.00 hrs, the game Stadsboerderij Sugoroku (City farm Sugoroku, 2005) by Japanese artist Chikako Watanabe will be played.

The brainstorm session of October 6th will focus on a different interpretation of agriculture. The identity of Flevoland has been formed by agriculture for a long time. But even in the polder, farmers deal with urbanization and restrictions by law. The goal of this evening is to discuss the pattern of Spatial Development and try to break through. The basis for this discussion is the film by Sjaak Langenberg and Theo van den Aker. In the film Uitbreiding van de polder Mastenbroek, they show for example how farmers give an interesting twist to agriculture by acting as project developers. Museum De Paviljoens organizes this evening for farmers from Flevoland to inspire them to develop new ideas about their future in agriculture.

Several guests are invited who work on new developments in agriculture, like the city farmer of Almere. The evening focuses on the imagination of the audience to develop ideas about the future of agriculture in Flevoland.

The film De Uitbreiding van polder Mastenbroek and the work Stadsboerderij Sugoroku are part of the project SITUATIES / Laboratorium Flevoland. This project, on show until 23 October 2005, consists of presentations and activities within and outside of the museum. The exhibition focuses on artworks that reflect on the identity of Flevoland or are a part of this identity.