Alan Donson

titlethe open society.

Does the modern arist need to be a prisoner of conscience or a fearless innovator?Balance wisdom, subtlety discretion.. are virtues not vices.

In the 21st century an odd and intransparent or disingenuos facade is presently and impudently arrogating alot of mental space...particularly in one sided media displays of..shameless pablum.Yes i know..a lot of dumb people s are fooled.The artist is the exception..portraying the aesthetic and emotionality of inner changes, the artist is still very much the exception not the rule. still...... it is flatly and simply not the case that by being decadent and arrogant and convieniently conformist that you will obtain happiness, great art or a real life.I t is a priveledge to struggle.Trembling in the dark by reason of untruthful and poorly thought out belief structures may ally you with legions of losers but to be a real person and a real art individual some deep thinking.. some dues paying, and deep soul searching has to be undertaken and by all with no exception.A succesful lab experiment is not a great art work even if it sells big time.The open society is of course putative..only an ideal...but one for which all of us can strive for and in the moment ..ponder .In the not so distant past the roman catholic church labeled the artist as the natural enemy of God.Hitler burned books and raged about decadent art.Commercial- only masses in the 21s century are exceedingly boring!~Religio-fascism aside.. there are many conformists today who mak e it very clear in their misuse of legalism,humanism and provincialism that its...there way or the highway. In regard to those .. the artist must both outsmart.. and display a higher conception.Dont worry.. the dumb people will always fall into your net if your heart is right and you are genuinely more intelligent and awake.A global rather than local-only perspective is mandated here..with a respect for history but not to be trapped in the past and allow a mediocre status quo in alot of the world smugly regard a modern be equal or better ..than the fine arts..It is a drag!lastly small..... never was and never will be...nesecerily..better than big.We all must also be constantly aware that a convienient fascism ..commercial or anti-art..anti-life..and not.o.k.