Alice Bodanzky

Paper Cube


test 01: paper model - Alice Bodanzky

Test 1: paper model

Our first test was done using paper and cheap transparent tape. We cut 6 squares of the paper and taped them together. It is important to tape them on both sides (inside and outside) to make it really airtight. A hole must be opened on the bottom of the cube (see drawing), so the cube can be filled with air and people can go inside. To blow it you just lift the structure and pull it quick down.

Test 2: towel paper model

This time we used towel paper to make the inflatable. 6 pieces were sewed together and a cylinder was added on one of the sides to connect a ventilator to the inflatable. Because the material is not airtight we needed more airpressure to keep it inflated.

The Amsterdam Biennale 2009 is part of the Mediamatic Travel Project.