Digital Mantras

May Salon 2004

Digital Mantras, Video Art in the Age of P2P Network, new N Collective CD and a Still Life Dinner.


Mediamatic Salon - May 2004

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Geert Mul examined the use of new media as a Dynamic Medium and applying that in a relationship with public space, architecture and visual art.

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After mp3, porn, blockbusters and cultfilms more and more video art is being shared. With a little research these days it’s possible to download Matthew Barney’s cremaster cycle, work by pipilotti Rist and Bill Viola through so-called P2P software. Peter Luining explained the way this software works and examined the implications for the world of art and galleries of material until now shown exclusively in Museums and Galleries only becoming increasingly available.

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Koen Nutters introduced the new N Collective CD with a live concert.
Line Up Office-R:

Koen Nutters - bass, structure

Robert van Heumen - laptop

Jeff Carey - laptop

Dirk Bruinsma - saxes

Sakir Oguz Buyukberber - bassclarinet

Morten J Olsen – percussion

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Chef Valentijn comes up with a 1000 and 1 ways to cook differently. For this Salon especially he made a Still Life Dinner composed of canned food.

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Location: Mediamatic Supermarkt, Nieuwe Foeliestraat/Rapenburg corner