SPSound: Friday Selection

Featuring Polygamy Boys

Weekly music programme featuring a range of local and international artists, from adventurous indie bands to electronic glitch hop acts. Our mission is to engage you with challenging and playful concepts, exceptional live performances and entertainment of the highest order.

Location: Chapel
Entrance: € 5.00

Polygamy Boys

Polygamy Boys (Michel Morin and Stephan Busche) both share a passion for Italo-disco, E.B.M. and electro. They create raw and gritty, often sinister tracks – but they are never afraid to venture into playful and funk-inspired territory. Although they originally met online at the Globaldarkness forum based in the Netherlands, Michel first met Stephan face-to-face at Das Drehmoment records in Berlin in August 2002. Collaborating was a spur of the moment idea and they started their project soon after. When Michel first moved to Berlin from Canada, they finished their first three tracks together. There was obviously some good chemistry between them as one of those first tracks, "Wake Up", became a big hit on Bunker Records (NL).

Michel runs his own record label, Gingerbread House Records (CA), which was started in Canada in 1999. His first two Sneak-Thief 12" releases were a mixture dirty Detroit-style beats and new-wave electro; however, his next two EP's are a deep excursion into electro-funk, disco and broken beats. Sneak-Thief can be simply described as great melodies, ass-shaking basslines, and debonair drums. Stephan Busche spins under the name DJ Gitano and is one half of Fancyman. Fancyman started in December 2000 and is a project with Berlin producer Kai Lillich - it's inspired by early 80's dance music, Chicago House and Italo-disco.