The Wandering Tuba Method

Tamara Van San

28 Feb 2010
18 Apr 2010
  • SMAK
  • Citadelpark, Gent
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  • +3290221001703

Opening tentoonstelling - 28.02.2010 - 14 uur


Tamara van San - source

The sculptures of Tamara Van San are ‘coagulations’. They comprise innumerable similar, or then again very diverse, objects, materials and textures. They are never devised from a focal point, plan or idea that imposes a certain order but acquire certain shapes during the creative process itself. They always appear to be on the point of growing and moving, shrinking or swelling, of losing an appendage or in fact acquiring a new bump. We could describe these eruptions as being completely anti-classical. The creation of new shapes is never ingenuous.