Matt Cottam


Picnic with drinks

Come blow in a straw and learn whether or not it is safe to drive (or operate other machinery.) Breathylzer measures blood alcohol from your breath, reads your conference RFID badge and logs your level of intoxication. See how your drinking skills compare with others at PICNIC. Come back several times and trend your drinking with us!


Breathylizer.jpg - Breathylizer door Matt Cottam en Jasper Speicher.

This project was originally a Tellart project involving a Breathalyzer (blood alcohol detector) hacked into an iPhone. People would blow on the phone and be told whether they were in a condition to drive or not. The project was called the duiPhone (Driving Under the Influence Phone.) For the Mediamatic Hacker Camp, Matt Cottam and Jasper Speicher are building an expanded version by integrating RFID and visualizations of drinking statistics at PICNIC. This time the breathalyzer will be hacked into Flash via an Arduino and be coordinated with the TikiTag data to link alcohol readings to individuals. The final form will likely be a kiosk of sorts with a screen, a big Start button and a mouthpiece with replaceable drinking straws. Time is flying here at Camp so we are working on these core features first while keeping a wish list of additional features on deck.

Breathalyzer @ PICNIC, Amsterdam from Tellart on Vimeo