Melanie Rieback


People wonder exactly how easily on-tag information can be skimmed from passive HF RFID.. the RFID Spy project turns this question into a kind of game.

Rogue agents from the RFID Physical Computing camp will rove around the PICNIC conference with wearable RFID readers (hidden in a glove or sleeve), collecting RFID tag information from PICNIC attendees. The collected tag IDs are transmitted via Bluetooth to a nearby laptop, that relays the information via WiFi to the back-end PICNIC Network database. A "connection" is then made, between the scanned individual and the RFID Spy.

Technical Details:
We have constructed the wearable RFID readers from a Bluetooth Arduino, a battery pack, and a Sonmicro RFID reader.


Pasjes met RFID tag - picnic 2007 Marieke Bijster