worlds largest social sketching tool

The ik-a-sketch is a variant on the well known etch-a-sketch toy. Two knobs are used for making a drawing consisting of a single line. In our version however, the knobs are too far apart for a single person to operate. The only way of making a sensible drawing is asking a friend to help you!

Made by Edwin Dertien & Neil Mendoza at the Mediamatic Social RFID Hackerscamp 2009. Location: PICNIC Club.

This and 10 other Social RFID projects are part of 'Play with your Tag' at PICNIC09.

This is what Neil and Edwin say about their project.


etch-a-sketch found on the web, made by jeff gagliardi inspired by van Gogh? - Michel Langendijk

Two big white buttons will flash invitingly. Only when two people have tagged in, the drawing fun can start! The buttons will control the y- and x- coordinate of the line. When no drawing activity has been recorded for a while, the sketch will be saved to the anymeta-profile.

You will become online friends with your drawing partner and the drawing is saved to your profile.