Ali Watson

'Bho' Performances

Join us for our most exciting performances yet!

22 May 2010
23 May 2010

Bho is the latest offering of the rising Amsterdam/Baarn-established contemporary dance group Samadhi Dance Company.
'Bho' is the Sanskrit translation for 'Hey you' and deals with the individual internal world of human beings.
The work is inspired by the classic tales of Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie) and The Little Prince (Antoine Saint-Exupery). Mainly the approach to life and philosophy of the human world interpreted by these legendary writers strongly influences the imagination of the performers.

Dates for performances are:

all performances start at 20.30

6 (Premiere)+7 May 2010 - Podium Mozaïek (Amsterdam)
22+23 May 2010 - The Hub (Amsterdam)
3 June 2010 - RASA Theater (Utrecht)


Bho Poster Spring 2010 - Samadhi Dance Company's 'Bho' promotional poster/flyer artwork by Vraja Sundari Keilman Ali Watson

Bho can be seen as a homobiographical work where the growth and experiences of a human being are portrayed through lively colorful images and impressions. These impressions are inspired by the concept of the eternal child within each of us and how this remains unique and innocent, even though time irrevocably marches on. 'Bho' is a sort of abstract diary, a memoir of one's life, containing all the moments we carry and cherish with us forever.
Bho is performed by Ilaria Angelicchio (Italy), Rasarani Keilman (the Netherlands), Annlydie Groenen (Belgium) and Vraja Sundari Keilman (the Netherlands).
They will be carried by the music of Thomas Newman, Imogen Heap, Bibio, Air and Samadhi's favorite composer, Nitin Sawhney. The performance will be complimented by a film projection from acclaimed Rotterdam film artist Levina Tameris along with film work by Samadhi dancer and choreographer Vraja Sundari Keilman in collaboration with Chilean film artist Pablo Larrea and Dutch filmmaker and photographer Lars Steenhoff.

'Transport of the mails, transport of the human voice, transport of flickering pictures - in this century as in others our highest accomplishments still have the single aim of bringing men together. '
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

'So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!'
J.M. Barrie

'And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye... nothing brings us more happiness than relationship with other people.'
Antoine de Saint-Exupery