Smart Textiles

Presentation/Exhibition: Smart Textiles: Meg Grant, Annet Couwenberg

20 Apr 2010

tegel-ontwerp_lilypad_200.jpg - Brigit Lichtenegger

Presentation/Exhibition: Smart Textiles: Meg Grant, Annet Couwenberg

16.00 – 16.30:
Interactive textile, DIY!
Meg Grant experiments with textile and electronics, which results in funny and artistic inventions. Think of moving fabric or illuminating clothes. She publishes her work online for the DIY community. Her project ’see thru me’ was an ‘online DIY-hit’.

16.30 – 17.00:
exhibition & presentation ‘Clothing as Interface, a collaborative project‘
With the presention of Clothing as Interface, a collaborative project Annet Couwenberg closes her artist in residency at the WdKA. For almost 3 months she worked together with Marisol Trowbridge and students on an interactive (textile) art piece. Point of departure were conversations (sewing sessions) with Turkish migrant women. Via this special form of dialogue they talked about themes like fashion, politics, hope, beauty and cultural diversity.

17.00 – 18.00:
presentations & drinks
The Living (a collaboration with V2_Organisation), an interactive interior, was developed during the project week. In a livingroom setting lights, a radio, a vaccuum cleaner act; objects that are turned on and of by buttons and switches. The Living is a wilful livingroom in which singing muffins, coffeemaking alarms, and interactive jacket and furniture claim there space.

Smart textiles, optional class
For the last 2 years CrossLab developed educational projects in the area of smart textiles. In these ‘hands-on’ calsses students got aquainted with with innovations in the area of fashion, textile and technology. Teachers Marina Toeters and Bram van Waardenberg eludicate the results of the smart textile program.