Eyes on creative workshop & hacked cameras meeting. (No permanent changes, no warranty, free to use and modify..)

How to get unbelievable functionality out of the cheap point-and-shoot Canon photo-camera by installing CHDK and scripts onto it. You will be exploring the possibilities and limitations of CHDK while doing fun small projects individually or together; acquire skills necessary to write and debug small programs for the camera; mastering your own remote shutter release, battery packs and other hardware without risking damaging your camera as well as to repairing (seemingly) defective ones; making videos from photographs using free software; compiling programs,
and benefiting from the situation where 15 hacked cameras meet together.


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CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit) is a widespread unofficial software add-on for cheap digital CANON compact cameras that can get unbelievable functionality out of them: Shooting in raw, automating camera actions with scripts, making time lapse videos, super-fast motion detection (able to catch lightning strikes), extremely short and long exposures, syncing two cameras for stereo photography, rugged film scanning, luminography - painting with light, microscopic photography/depth-of-field stacking,
book scanning, aerial photography, stop motion animation, bracketing/high dynamic range, syncing many cameras, using as text file reader, games, communication with other equipment..

The workshop aimed at:
15 experimentally working (anti)-artists/-photographers/-animators/ -movie makers, amateur astronomers, those who are not-so-technically versed and experience frustration when running into computer problems and those who could do this on their own, but would like to do it with us.

To participate, drop a line to: workshop [at] aa-vv [dot] org
briefly outlining your interests. URL would be helpful too.

Fee: 55,- Euro/The whole lot

Registration until June 1, 2010

Further details: