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Ulla-Maaria Mutanen is currently working on her PhD at the Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research at the University of Helsinki. She is also developing a project looking at the link between technology, fashion and craft. She is a board member of the Finnish Association of Designers.

Before Mutanen started doctorate studies, she directed the Institute for Design Research, a nonprofit consultancy that specializes in promoting user-oriented design practices in small and medium sized companies. Prior to that she worked as a lecturer on product development and branding at the Faculty of Business Studies at Lahti Polytechnic.

Ulla-Maaria Mutanen recently set up the Thinglinks project. A Thinglink is a free and unique code that anyone can request and use. The project came out of the conviction that free use of unique identification codes make it much easier to find certain ‘things’ online. Ulla gained experience in the craft field and is currently building a Thinglink database which links structured data and free text plus other media using 'folksonomic tagging'.
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