Beyond Lines

Charlott Markus

5 Jun 2010
4 Jul 2010
  • PAKT
  • Zeeburgerpad 53, 1019 AB Amsterdam

Charlott Markus’ work is firmly rooted in photography but has recently developed towards site-specific, spatial installations. Her working method thoroughly and intently investigates the well-known, yet allways evasive fine lines between space and surface, subject and object, abstraction and figuration.


Charlott Markus - source

For her photo works Markus collects old furniture, left over wood, pieces of carpet and old garments, preferably from the direct surroundings of where she happens to be working. Rearranged into layered compositions she creates images on the border of staged settings, (photo) realism, and painting, turning her down to earth, derelict subject matter into protagonists of an alternative, poetic narrative.

The installation works show a more clear cut and analytical approach to the core of the photographic image, which is taken out of it’s two dimensional realm and translated into a material, yet abstract reality.

Markus has a preference for what might be considered society’s orphans: discarded objects and materials, vacant spaces. Again, things and places that inhabit an in-between state: of being useful or mere waste, ready to finally be destroyed or perhaps to take on a new existence as something else. Moreover the materials used –either as a subject in still-life photography or as an actual physical presence in sculptural installations- are the basic materials which are used to define ourselves and our direct surroundings; the upholstery which seperates -or hides- one space from another, form from function, the body from the outside world.

Beyond Lines consists of new works which are integrated in a site-specific installation, turning the P/AKT exhibition space into an encompassing environment for shifting perspectives: both inside and outside the work.


Saturday June 5th from 20-24 hrs

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