Houses in Amsterdam Noord completed

The Noord participants are settling into their temporary homes.

It took a while, but we found the perfect Noord homes for our guests. Some were in better shape than others, but they all now sport comfy beds, a stocked kitchen, and plenty of working space.


Van der Pekstraat, Amsterdam Noord - Van der Pekstraat on Google Maps. The artists are living near this majestic street, named after the architect that designed the neighborhood.

The artists and designers have all touched down in Amsterdam. They are moving into their new temporary homes as we speak. The houses are situated around the majestic Van der Pekstraat, close to the Mosveld market. This area is built in the style of the Amsterdam School.

The Van der Pek neighborhood was built in the twenties and thirties, and designed by Jan Ernst van der Pek. Jan Ernst was something of a hero in his time. He was one of the first in Amsterdam to raise awareness for the appalling circumstances some people lived in. He designed the first social housing in West (Van Beuningenstraat), around the Lindengracht, in East and in Noord.

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With a minimal amount of lost luggage, all Noord artists will be attending Map Fest this week. Map Fest takes place on July 6, 8 and 9, and is all about mapping. Inspiration guaranteed!

Noord is an international project concerned with mapping Amsterdam Noord. Designers and artists from Holland, but especially from abroad, will shed their light on this peripheral borough. These investigations will result in an exhibition and the first ever Arabic travel guide, to be launched on September 4th.