iPhone Sock Knitting Workshop

Because every iPhone should be cozy

30 Aug 2008

During the iPhone Dev Camp participants were taught how to knit a sock specifically for an iPhone. If you loved your iPhone as much as it needs to be loved, you were there!

Knit up some comfort

Did you love your iPhone as much as the other campers, but your technological knowledge was not as up-to-date? Sylvia Korving of Apple Knits made sure you weren't feeling left behind as she took the time to teach all participants how to make their iPhone some dazzling socks.

We took a step back in time and for a moment during the Dev Camp and we left all technology behind. The non-nerds got their chance to shine.

Everybody had their go at it, and with success! No iPhone had a cold night after the workshop was finished.

There was a €15 charge for the materials, and everyone was welcome to take the knitting needles and yarn home with them to make matching iPhone socks for each outfit they owned.


Apple Knits iPhone sock - Check the Apple Knits shop at Etsy Sylvia Korving