RFID tags and privacy

What is an RFID tag, and what happens to my data?

With an RFID tag, users can connect their online profile to the offline installations. It's a lot of fun to use, but what does this mean for your privacy?

What is an RFID tag?

Like the OV chip card and OBA library pass, the RFID tag contains an RFID chip. This chip is linked to your selected online profiles. You can use the RFID tag to activate and play with all of Mediamatic’s interactive installations. But you can also use it to make payments.
You can post your activities, pictures, and things you like in the real world directly on your profile.

Scanning your RFID tag on the monitor of the ikCam, for example, will activate the camera to take a picture. This picture will appear on your profile. When several people scan their RFID tags and take a picture together, they automatically become connected on the social network.

When you connect your RFID tag to your Facebook profile at one of the ikCams, you turn your tag into a physical “I like it” button. Scan your RFID tag in front of the Facebook 'thumbs up' belonging to the installation, presentation, or program segment that you “like”. A notice will appear on your wall.

You can use your RFID tag to activate and play with all of Mediamatic's installations. The ikPoll for example, or the iTea and the Wow!. Scan your RFID tag in front of the indicated area. The rest speaks for itself.

Where can I find those installations?

In Mediamatic's exhibition space, you can always interact with a lot of the installations with your RFID tag. But you can also find them elsewhere, at events and conferences. During Eurosonic Noorderslag 2011, for example, you could take pictures with the ikCams, create a digital graffiti piece, and make your own videoclip with your friends. During 5 Days off, the electronic music festival in Amsterdam, you can use the ikCams to make new friends and show off your graffiti skills on the Wow!.

Other cards with RFID

The RFID tag is not unique in its use of an RFID chip. Most people carry around other cards with a chip in it all the time. The public transport card, public library cards, and European passports and identification cards contain RFID-chips as well. It is possible to use any card with an RFID chip as an RFID tag! Simply scan your card at one of the ikCams to connect your card to your profile, and you're ready to share with your friends.

RFID, is that safe?

We all carry around more and more cards with RFID chips. So we often ask ourselves: is the information secured?
It's good to know you can't be traced with an RFID chip like you can be traced with GPS. An RFID chip can only be scanned from a very short distance, and if anyone were to scan your tag, they will not be able to view any data that is on the chip. You can find more information about information security here.

What happens to my information?

Every time you scan your RFID tag, it posts something on your profile. On your profile you'll see your ikCam pictures, all the things you like, and much more. It is very easy to choose who can and who can't see the things you have on your profile. Don't like the last picture you took? Simply adjust the visibility settings, and others will not see the picture anymore. This way the picture won't show up in search engines either.
But if you want to promote your event to as many people as possible, you'll be able to do that too! Create a new event on the website, and it will automatically be added to the open agenda, which contains all events in the Open-CI network.

If you want to know more about the visibility settings on your profile, visit the frequently asked questions page.

Who has access to my information?

You decide who can see your contributions. You have control over your profile and we never pass on contact data to third parties. Still have questions about your privacy? Send a mail to leonie [at] mediamatic.nl or ring 020 - 6389901 and we’ll help you.