Esmée Laclé


Pic because it happened

My resistance; this piece is about was against homophobia and agression. I stepped in a quarrel between phobic guys and a gay neighbour. This was the result: concussion and a blue face for two months.

My blog about this:

Amsterdam used to be a tolerant city towards the gay scene, and even embraced it in all it’s glory. But what were incidents are culminating into a gulf of gay molesting.
Yesterday it happened in front of my door. I tried to help, but the two youths (Moroccan and Turkish) were so aggressive, in no time one of them hooked me. When I got back on my feet again, the gay neighbour had been attaced with a bicycle chain lock. Blood all over.
So there we went to the hospital, he to be stitched, me to check if I hadn’t broken anything. Luckily I didn’t but this is how my face looks now.
Job Cohen, I don’t want to drink tea with these people. These homophobic cowards deserve to be castrated because they don’t deserve their balls. Stop the terror on me and my friends and neighbours.

Update: One of the guys has been caught, the one that hit me is still out there, but the police knows his name, where he lives and where he worked.
To the left: my face two hours after
Beneath that: my face after two days