Lara de Greef

Lara de Greef is designer of applied utensils. She works with a great sense for aesthetics and shapes, in techniques she further developed after here graduation at the well known Eindhoven Design Academy. Designs were made with many different materials, but for certain there is a clear preference for natural materials. Moreover she has the personal quality to exploit opportunities offered by her environment, in as well an artistic as business way.

Her company, Studio Lara de Greef, is very active and an abundance of designs has been launched, ranging from glasswork, ceramic vases to bamboo furniture. Presentations of her work took place at various national and international podia (Amsterdam, London, Milan, Budapest, .....).

A mainline in Lara’s work is the design of bamboo furniture. Her stay in India, and participation to the project ‘Dutch Design Meets Bamboo’, in which the possibilities of the material and sustainability of bamboo were the main issue, resulted in a number of furniture prototypes. Bamboo chairs and tables with here own characteristic design style, carried out with exclusively natural materials.

Ceramics is another passion. Examples of this are the unique Olympic Gold dishes, the vases series 1+1=3, and the `High Heeled Service', a saucer which can be made in several heights through a technique with a special mould.

Artistic possibilities and a broad range of techniques are for Studio Lara de Greef the basis, but the main aim is to design products she can share gladly and successful with you. So assignments or ideas are always welcome!

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