20 & 21 November, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam Puck de Klerk


Working conference on Communities and Networks post Web 2.0

20 Nov 2008
21 Nov 2008

"What happens when we have friended our old friends on MySpace and have written professional testimonials on LinkedIn, have scrobbled our entire music libraries on last.fm and have written on many walls on Facebook? Can networks be open, sustainable and valuable? Or does a network only work when it's a walled garden?" (Sabine Niederer, Institute of Network Cultures)


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Virtueel Platform invites you to take part in WALLED GARDEN. This international working conference will approach the development and future challenges of the current Web 2.0 through exploration, experimentation and exchange of knowledge. Our goal: a blueprint for policy makers, funders and practitioners that works towards a public garden.

WALLED GARDEN will address issues of identity, mobile communities and networks by focussing on the tendency towards online gated and closed communities. How does this affect the (in)accessibility of information and knowledge? Now is the time to identify success factors and failures of Web 2.0 and to initiative new tools and strategies for the future Web. Keywords: trust, transparency, accountability, enforcement, privacy, personalization, context-awareness.
Virtueel Platform sows the seeds with lively debates but we need your expertise!

WALLED GARDEN breaks with the traditional conference format. Structured participative group dialogue will be interspersed with inspirational presentations from artists, researchers and technologists. Registration is open until Monday 10 November.

Speakers and moderators
Sessions will be led by international researchers, including:
Bronac Ferran (Royal College of Art, London), Tom Klinkowstein (Media A, New York), Tapio Mäkelä (University of Salford), Erin Manning (Senselab, Montreal), Aymeric Mansoux (goto10.org), Sabine Niederer (Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam), Matt Ratto (University of Toronto), Edward Shanken (University of Amsterdam), Adam Somlai-Fischer (The Kitchen, Budapest)

Virtual and physical presentations by:
Celia Pearce (Georgia Tech), mez breeze (_Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ ), Aenimae (Performing Creativity Platform), Aymeric Mansoux & Marloes de Valk (Metabiosis), Tom Klinkowstein and Irene Pereyra (2030 – a day in the life of..) and many more.

Registration now!
If you want to be part of WALLED GARDEN please mail to workshop@virtueelplatform.nl
The fee is 150 euro (students 75 euro) for two days, including lunches and dinner.

MORE INFO? www.virtueelplatform.nl/walledgarden