Book: John Cage 1 Jan 1967


Writings '67 - '72

The book contains mainly mesostics inspired by music, mushrooms, Marcel Duchamp, Merce Cunningham, Marshall McCluhan, etc., and includes "Mureau"- - composed from the writings of Henry David Thoreau. This book spurred our interest due to one of its pieces "Mushroom Book", but since John
Cage was an avid lover of mushrooms, this passion resonates through his other works. See this New York Times article titled Sounds and Mushrooms to see the intriguing connections.


Cover M: Writings '67 - '72 - Cover M:Writings '67 - '72. Author John Cage, 1967. Part of the Paddestoelen paradijs library.


The description of a book is sometimes better left in the hands of others, especially for a book like this, so we give you these two reviews:

"Ordinary people brood over their failings and try to correct them; talent puts its failings to work. John Cage is not a powerful logician or rigorous thinker in the linear sense, but that has not kept him from being widely regarded, at age 60, as the most disturbingly original musical mind (if not the best composer) that America has produced since Charles Ives."
- The New York Times Book Review

A fascinating, maddening, charming miscellany . Set in over 700 different typefaces, with illustrations and word-drawings adding an esoteric zest . It all seems abstruse, but attuned readers could enjoy Cage's high humor while soaking in his penetrating insights and anecdotes intended to 'unstructure' bourgeois society"-Publishers Weekly.