Play the City invents new methods for interactive city-making. Our young organisation acts as a loose network of urban professionals for ongoing projects.

We integrate city gaming, digital public polls, interactive learning, co-design and social networks with traditional architecture and urbanism. We work with cities, housing corporations and cultural organizations to generate interactive and collaborative plans with multiple stakeholders.

Play the City believes that the open cities of the future can be made possible through interactive city games. We see simulation games in the war industry, serious games in education and even medical puzzle-games where the public can participate in unfolding proteins. In the entertainment industry, the online roleplaying game World of Warcraft alone has logged a cumulative 5.93 million years of play. Just as other fields use games so effectively, Play the City introduces games into the field of city-making.

Find out more about us at Please direct any further questions to or reach us on +31 6 41415959. You can also follow us on Twitter: @play_the_city and facebook: