Social Cities of Tomorrow

Play the City lectures in the workshop on 15th February organized by Virtueel Platform and The Mobile City at Arcam.

14 Feb 2012
17 Feb 2012

Play the City will lecture on interactive city making and serious gaming. During the day we will give feedback and advise to the workshop participants on digital media technologies to make our cities more social, rather than just more hi-tech?
The conference is on 17th February Save the day and pay a visit!

This international conference brings together key thinkers and doers working in the fields of new media and urbanism. Keynote speakers such as Usman Haque, Natalie Jeremijenko and Dan Hill will speak about the promises and challenges in this newly emerging and highly interdisciplinary field of urban design. The keynotes will be accompanied by presentations of ‘showcases’ from various disciplines, such as architecture, art, design, and policy.

Join us in February 2012 at Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek to explore how urban designers, interface developers, app builders, policy makers, housing coorations, artists, scientists and others can use digital technologies to organise citizen engagement, and to contribute to our social cities of tomorrow.

Who should attend Social Cities of Tomorrow?

Architects and urban planners interested in the ways digital media technologies shape city life, and how this translates to urban design.
Housing cooperations and real estate developers interested in new ways to engage citizens in the co-creation of their living conditions.
Artists, designers and media creatives who make work for physical environments and the urban public sphere.
Policy makers and local government interested in the potential of digital media technologies for urban issues.
Community organisers and social innovators who want to learn more about how digital media and collaborative principles from e-culture can be used for citizen engagement.


At our conference we will feature a number of ‘Showcases‘ in the design of our ‘social cities of tomorrow.’ All of them make use of urban media in an innovative way and their initiators will share their ambitions as well as their ‘lessons learned.’
Workshop (14 − 16 February 2012)

A preconference workshop will be held at ARCAM, Amsterdam for a select, interdisciplinary group of designers, programmers and digital creatives. The aim of this experimental workshop is to bring together local stakeholder organisations, and participants from various professional and national backgrounds to collaborate in real-world social design challenges. Application for the workshop was closed on December 30th.

The results will be presented at a public event on Thursday February 16 at 20:00 hours at Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam. See our workshop-page for more details