Open Data Bootcamp

28 Sep 2012

We invite you to come to the exclusive Apps for Amsterdam Bootcamp. Listen to inspiring speakers, pitch your idea, discover new data, find your network and make that app!

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Keynote speakers Elizabeth Turner (iconomical) and Lex Slaghuis (Hack de Overheid) will respectively discuss datavisualisation and government spending. How do the roles of the government, citizens and companies change when spending patterns and money flows become transparent? Learn about government spending in your own neighbourhood, get inspired to make apps with Open Culture Data and provide input for a Smart Development Kit for developers. Share your experiences with Open Data and discuss API’s with experts from the municipality of Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum, Liander and star developers such as Stefan de Konink (OpenOV). Enjoy drinks & pizza and meet our Apps for Amsterdam theme-owners. Find your network, discover chances to take your concept to the next level and learn how to seduce investors in an interactive session by Martijn Blom (Droomzaken).