Book: Richard Rogers 1 Jan 2000

Preferred Placement

Knowledge Politics on the Web

Preferred placement turns the tables on web analysis to date. Instead of celebrating the web and all its prospects for creative artistry, democracy and e-commerce, the volume authors calmly go backstage. How are search engines, portals, default settings and collaborative filtering formatting the surfer and offering passage to the media? A colourful spectrum of thinkers queries the medium's preferencing and recommendation mechanisms with an eye towards articulating, and learning from, the new politics of knowledge on the web.

Contributions, among others, by: Matthew Chalmers, Martin Dodge, Greg Elmer, Lucas Introna and Helen Nissenbaum, Noortje Marres, Ian Morris, Korinna Patelis, Richard Rogers, Gerald Wagner and Steve Woolgar.

I am taking care of this book because I am writing a phd proposal on preferred placement 2.0


Preferred Placement -



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