Ladies Fancywork Society 5 Nov 2011


Collaborative installation

Some very fuzzy, multiplying, and slightly less dangerous fungus growing on our columns from the collaborative crochet project during Museumnacht 2011.


Zwamhaak workshop - Photo taken during Nacht van de paddestoel . Anna Meijer

In the midst of filling a wall with the bacterial samples of our Museumnacht visitors, we also created some fungal creations of our own with the help of the Ladies Fancywork Society.

These pieces of fungus grew on the big white columns in the Mediamatic bank as the night progressed, mimicking the much slower growth of the fungus on our tomato wall.

Our two lovely crochet instructors helped even the clumsiest beginner create a little piece of fungus to add on to our growing installation. There is even a special piece of fungus made by a well known Dutch knitting designer.