The Visual Collider

A one day exhibition and discussion: What are the imaginary futures in this time of global re-invention?

11 Dec 2012

Czegledy and Neustetter have prepared a small exhibition in which they collide images of their experiences so allow their juxtaposition, much like the Large Hadron Collider, to find new meaning and solutions. This becomes the starting point for observations and a performative presentation and aims to result in discussion and imaginings.


The Visual Collider -

Following its first cycle of exhibitions in Vela Luka, New York, Banff, Dalcrombie, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and Istanbul The Visual Collider continues its journey in Utrecht, Leiden and Amsterdam in December 2012.Strategies for survival in a changing cultural industry seems to be a constant re-invention, challenging of one’s own status quo. As media artists, self-conscious networkers and strategists in their own right both Nina Czegledy (Hungary/ Canada) and Marcus Neustetter (South Africa) constantly respond to their contextual shifts and resulting needs. This approach of positioning oneself critically even to one’s own experience and discipline, results in a pro-active colliding of ideas, engaging in experimental practice and imagining futures. As written about the exhibition in Brooklyn, New York (Alma on Dobbin), “The Visual Collider” is the pair’s attempt to reconcile artistically the moment when the confluence of matter, or in this case photographic light, cease to be disparate identities and instead become one object. This is achieved through a series of visual mash-ups of plain, unadorned photographic source material. More exactly, it is an ironic, purposely low-tech reconstruction, combining snapshot photography taken during the two artists’ many travels, through both overlay (in the form of bare-boned projections) and juxtaposition (in a foldout book of images).Virtueel Platform, the artists and Galerie SANAA invite you to join this experimental process and participate in imagining futures in this time of global re-invention.

Language: English

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