Book Edo Smitshuijzen 1 Jan 2008

Arabic Type Specimen Book

Finally, there will be an overview of Arabic type on the market.

Arabic type design and typography is rapidly maturing. It has been overdue for a long time, but there are many encouraging activities of late. What is still desperately missing is a good overview of all typefaces available. Design sources of typefaces are often obscure or unknown; technical specifications are often missing. This situation is in the way of properly specifying Arabic type and will hold back further development in typographic quality.

With the help of all providers and designers of Arabic type this situation will change. The production of a book is under way that will show the specifications of all available typefaces. The book will also have an extensive introduction about the many technical aspects of Arabic fonts.

If you're interested in purchasing the Arabic Type Specimen book, please let us know. Also as member of this Khatt Network for Arabic typography we will give you a price discount when the book becomes available.