Hybrid fish

When goldfish and common roach mate.

It seems that at aquaponics our goldfish and common roach have multiplied together and made a offspring that's a mix of the two fishes characteristics.


GoldenHybrid - Els Engel

At mediamatic we maintain the aquaponic systems to cultivate our fishes and crops. Some of the fish even multiple within the fish tanks! This happened in our fish tank for herbivores (actually the fish are no herbivores but omnivores; meaning they will eat a wide range of things including duckweed, small crustaceans and insects.) In this fish tank we have the goldfish (Carrasius auratus auratus) and common roach (Rutilus rutilus) live happy side by side and even have offspring together! This is quite common for fish in the Cyprinid family. Ciprinids are the family where carps roach and many other fish belong too. So at our aquaponics we have little fish that are a cross-over of two different fish. So what would be a name for this new fry?