Thursday ToPics #4 - Moving Pictures

The free topical open platform in support of 1000 Photos Amsterdam

Drinks, talks & the growing DIY exhibition of 1000 Photos Amsterdam!


Inside/Outside Story - The first DIY photo exhibition themed "Inside/Outside" in Melkweg Galerie, Amsterdam.

The One Minutes is a global network for video art of 60 seconds. The archive contains 15000 works from makers of 120 different nationalities. This unique network has largely been built by former students of the Sandberg Instituut and still houses its base from within the institute.

One Minutes is just releasing the archive collection "Moving Photography" a fitting topic for the last edition of Thursday ToPics, the running up events to the 1000 Photos Amsterdam - Grand Finale on 16 June!

Photography is all about capturing light. What happens if photographers expand into that realm?

We invited Bieneke Bennekers, coordinator of One Minutes, to come and talk with us about this topic.

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