A night in the Round Rest

In the middle of the Favela

Spend a night in a round bed. The Round Rest is standing in a greenhouse, at the centre of the Freezing Favela, a temporary settlement in Mediamatic. There are all kinds of art projects in the big industrial hall where the bed is located. One of the neighbors makes his own rope, the other prints t-shirts. All the makers can identify themselves as recyclers and DIY-ers. When you step outside the cows and pigs of the Tostifabriek will welcome you. They belong to a small urban farm which is also part of the Favela.


Hotelgasten logeren in de Freezing Favela - Ana and Regina from Norway are enjoying freshly baked croissants (made by the Favelous chefs Robert and Andrea) in their hotel room. This temporary hotel room is part of the Freezing Favela. You can make a reservation through www.airbnb.com.

In the morning there's a delicious breakfast awaiting you in the pop-up canteen of the Favela. With a farm-fresh glass of milk from our cow Els and tea with fresh mint from the aquaponics farm. You can use the camping style shower, made with a jerrycan and shower head. The shower water is warmed up by a compost heap which is part of another project: the Hot Love Nest. You can get a guided tour through the Favela and aquaponics farm, and participate in a yoga class or other workshops organized by favela citizens. Check the upcoming events on the event page.

This is what Regina from Norway, one of the first guests of the Round Rest, wrote about her stay: "If you are looking for something different to stay, this is the place! Me and a friend were the first to be here. The experience is unique! Sleep in an old factory with the bedroom in an open space, great decoration and style. All the staff were very kind with us, especially Andrea, the chef, who made for us a very nice breakfast. Also you can join different workshops that are happening at the place. Highly recommended!"

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Costs: €60,- a night, including breakfast and a valid Club Mediamatic lidmaatschap (€5,- for 4 weeks). Location: Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Reservations via Airbnb or e-mail.

Freezing Favela

Freezing Favela is a temporary city at Mediamatic Fabriek. The space is big, unheated, and the roof leaks. Designers, cooks, and other makers have claimed part of this space as their own. In the Favela you can make tosti's from scratch, furniture from cardboard, and cook with ingredients from the aquaponics farm. Favela-citizens give workshops and organize events and meals.


Overview of Mediamatic VOC-Kade - Erik Diekstra

Interview with guest Cheryl from Marrakesh, who stayed at the Round Rest for three nights in August 2013.

The Round Rest and the Hot Love Nest were part of the Freezing Favela. By:

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Changing Room - Changing Room for Hot Love Nest guests.


Pretty Nice Stuff working on their T-Shirt - Erik Diekstra