STEIM presents: Blow, Blue, Blown

Ángel Faraldo / E.E. Cummings / Byungjun + Kown Min Seok / Desh Chisukulu & Vignir Karlsson

29 May 2007
  • 20:30 -23:30
  • Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam

The mouth could be the most subtle interface that one has under control in one's body. We speak, express, kiss, eat, drink, breathe, smoke, and sing with mouth. "Blow Blue Blown" is the night of Electronic music consisting of four different tastes that you can't get everyday focusing on mouth as a musical interface. You may experience the various live electronics mixed with singing, poetry, new & conventional blow instrument, rap and etc.


Blow, Blue, Blown - We speak, express, kiss, eat, drink, breathe, smoke, and sing with mouth.

As a composer Ángel Faraldo has premiered works in Madrid, Seville, Cadiz and Mexico and also writes pieces for radio and films. As an improvisor he has performed (either singing or with computers) in Madrid, Seville, The Hague and Dresden with musicians such as Günter Heinz, Eiko Yamada, Matthias Schwabe and Miguel Álvarez. Since 2003 he has been a member of GIV, which is a vocal improvisation group based in Madrid. "My performance will be an improvised monologue, considering the computer more as an extension of my vocal discuss than a virtual interlocutor. The reason is that I can’t create a real dialogue with myself, while I don’t trust in computers as improvisors."

Two Poems by E.E. Cummings developed through a collaborative effort between the two performers; the composition uses extended vocal techniques and live electronics to expand the poetic language by stressing the different meaningful aspects of the poems, focusing on phonemes, words, phrases, images, and the overall ambiance of each section. Soprano Stephanie Pan, a specialist in extended vocal techniques, experimental theater, and live improvisation, has performed and premiered pieces throughout Europe and the US. She performs regularly in the Netherlands and Germany with groups such as de Veenfabriek and Scivias Chor, as well as on her own, both premiering new compositions and in live improvisation.

Stelios Manousakis is a composer, performer, and computer programmer. His current interests include applying biology-inspired Artificial Life models to provide organically evolving musical data structures, such as Lindenmayer systems and cellular automata and genetic algorithms. He has performed with Ms. Pan, his group the Breakcore Tapdance Collective and with Feedback Society. Together with Ms. Pan and organist Kirstin Gramlich they formed improvisation trio Computer Aided Breathing, which released its first album, Fukuoka Method, in 2007.

Byungjun(Korea) started his musical career in early 90's as a singer/songwriter and has released 7 albums ranging from alternative rock to minimal house. In 1997, he organized an indie record label called Gang-Agi. In Korea, he had commissions from KUHO besides working for many theaters, dance companies and films. He has performed in Yun I Sang Tribute, Elektoronienos, ClubTransmediale and many other international venus. ( For this concert, Byungjun will perform with Kown MinSeok(recorder player, Kr) and his own blow instrument which is feedback-oriented and controlled by air pressure .

Desh Chisukulu (Zambia) and Vignir Karlsson (Iceland) have been involved in different projects together for about a year. They have worked with Emilio Espinosa (Mexico) and had a performance for Triangel, a venue that presents live music, analog video and photography. Desh and Vignir have woven their musical influences together to make something they both can have real enjoyment out of. Desh entered the Zambian music scene in 1994 as a gospel-rapstar and formed the group Rap Prophets, which became the first rap group in Zambia to perform on the national television. Vignir has worked under the name Kippi Kaninus for the past 8 years(released 4 albums) and been active in many music scenes in Iceland.

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