Seamus Cater


28 Sep 2913

Musician, writer, performer and organizer of the concert series DNK Amsterdam will give a small concert in our dijkhuis.


seamus - Seamus in concert at Circolo H in Italy

With: Seamus Cater

Seamus Cater is an avant-garde musician with the folk running through his veins. With a minimal amount of sounds he creates musical landscapes for his listeners to wander. Fact, fiction, music and poetry meet in ten songs about 19th and 20th century artists on 'The Anecdotes', the album he made with Viljam Nybacka.

In De Ruimte he will give a small concert in front of the fireplace.

About 'The Anecdotes':
“With a refined mix of English folk, jazz and avant-garde music, this is one of most impressive folk records to be heard in recent times. From the opening track’s biography of Bas Jan Ader to the exquisite duet between re-tuned harmonica and ukulele on the closing number ‘Alexis Lapointe’, we’re on the edge of our seats listening. An utmost intelligent addition to a century old narrative (folk) tradition. Respectful, daring and without borders.” GONZO (circus)