Teaming Up


7 Feb 2014

Through a series of three exhibitions Transnatural explores the nature and possibilities of classic as well as modern collaborations between human, nature, animals and technology. These collaborations dispose of extraordinary characteristics and (possible) functions: from a cabinet with an energy-generating crockery; interactive textiles that adopt a shape derived from human emotions; to residual wood to support the survival of wild bees. The Teaming Up exhibition is the third chapter.


De Biologische Klok Transnatural - studio 1:1

It is of great interest to revise different forms of collaboration, especially in a time where certain systems and forms of collaboration seem incompetent or even harmful.

In the beginning of 2013 the exhibition Still Unidentified Objects started to explore unidentified shapes that herald a different era. These ‘new appearances’ dispose of extraordinary characteristics and (possible) functions.

The exhibition Linking Parts showed the ‘links’ that are able to activate certain systems. These links were made by several applications: using fungus to degrade plastics, or a machine that intervenes the design process by doing suggestions on design and process to its user.

In Teaming Up we explore the next level of new ideas, shapes and links that lead to different forms of collaboration:
The Biological Clock serves as a method to connect the biological and technical clock and visualize this for people in isolated environments, like hospital patients. It makes biological time visible, by giving an insight into the rhythm of the ecological environment and in this way supporting patients in the recovery process. In Fishing for Ink squid ink is used to print books containing stories from seaman. Roots is using genetic algorithm software forming tree bone structures that can handle a certain amount of weight, have an unpredicted form and can be 3 D printed at the same time. Last but not least we show the Wonderpus project, representing Octopus related transforming jewelry.