Designing Sex Toys for Plants

Like our plant nature, we don’t hunt, it’s too much trouble. We seduce.

7 Mar 2015

What happens when sexuality, usually considered as a uniquely human trait, becomes a prism through which we view the Other -- in our case, plants? This controversial, humorous and insightfully absurd workshop invites designers, engineers, artists, biologists and people interested in plants to collectively explore plant-centered design.

During this one-day design sprint, the participants will be infused with the ABC of plant reproduction, afterwards, based on that (with the help of mentors, of course), they will analyse their very own plant-client’s sexual trauma -- and envision a kinky, technology infused augmentation that helps them overcome it.

Ideologies aside, the workshop will offer a novel experience of appropriated design methodologies, adding to the scope of what design can do. The original augmentations conceived by the participants will manifest themselves as sketches, narratives and simple prototypes, which will be added to the “Plant Sex Consultancy” exhibition.

Sounds bizarre? The explicitly sexual milieu is an excuse to delve into the bigger underlying context of meaning, benefits, and pitfalls of post-anthropocentrism in the 21st century, where we find ourselves at odds with nature.

Špela Petrič and Pei-Ying Lin will be mentoring the workshop, which is part of the PSX Consultancy exhibition at Baltan Laboratories (opening Friday March 6).
Participants are required to bring their own laptop for research purposes.