Experience City Gaming

Amsterdam Noord

23 Apr 2015

City Games are smart and playful platforms for City Making. They engage multiple stakeholders in resolving complex urban challenges. Curious How City Gaming Works? Join the City Simulation Room at Pakhuis de Zwijger for an exclusive Game Training. Using the Gaming method we collaboratively develop strategies to tackle one of Amsterdam's most prominent spatial challenges in recent years: The rapid development of 'Amsterdam Noord'.

Kop van Noord
Kop van Noord


How is it possible that Amsterdam is facing a housing crisis while at the same time 15% of all office buildings remain unused? How can it be that in Stuttgart, Germany, thousands of people are protesting against a train station causing cost explosions, massive delays and obvious dissatisfaction with the main decision makers? The top-to-bottom way of how we develop our cities naturally causes problems not only in the Netherlands and in Germany but worldwide.

How can we be more effective? More resourceful? How can we utilize the knowledge of the many to improve the traditional decision-making of the few?

Managing Cities Smarter

The 21st century requires new collaborative methods for city makers and Play the City addresses this challenge with a system that is based on arguably the oldest and most natural way of learning: Games.

During her research, Dr. Ekim Tan has developed City Gaming to an effective tool for multi-stakeholder management. Since then, City Games have facilitated projects in Cape Town, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Brussels, among others. And this is only the beginning.

Experience City Gaming

What if you could test your development strategies against other stakeholders in an interactive environment? That is what city gaming is about. The best way to learn about city gaming is to experience it, which is why Place the City has developed Game Training. The core of this exclusive afternoon program is a real-life topic that has occupied investors, politicians, activists and other stakeholders for years: How to deal with rapid growth in 'Amsterdam Noord'

Areal View, Overhoeks
Areal View, Overhoeks - 20121106-1428 Het voormalige Shellterrein verandert de komende jaren in een stedelijke woon-en werkwijk met culturele voorzieningen en horeca.

We will address this issue with Play Noord, a negotiation Game focused on Overhoeks. In this Game you join the negotiation either by representing your real-life role as a professional in a relevant discipline or as different stakeholder such as the Amsterdam government, an environmental activist, a foreign investor or a future inhabitant. Your own goals as well as the interests of your co-players make up an engaging simulation, ultimately leading to a result that is based on the involvement of all stakeholders.

Is the financial crisis really the main cause of the deadlock in Overhoeks? Could the area learn from the neighbouring development Circular Buiksloterham? How to calm down worried residents about a booming 24hour city? We will find out during an insightful afternoon that yields tangible results.

Game Masters from Play the City facilitate the process and ensure an enriching experience.

Le Corbusier versus City Gaming
Le Corbusier versus City Gaming

What Can You Expect from Game Training?

*Enhance effective decision making -through the power of Games-

*Learn from real world cases while networking with professionals from diverse sectors

*Learn how to adapt and take action in multidisciplinary environments

*Advance in change management and leadership for personal and professional development

*Elaborate on the new role of the governments, companies and communities

*Learn about your own negotiation skills, how they are perceived by other professionals and how you can improve

Make a Booking

Send an email to training@playthecity.eu

*Single Day Game Training Sessions cost 250€ exc. VAT per person.
20% discount after the 3rd person from the same organisation. Please let us know number of people you are registering for and your professional backgrounds.

*Free access to download Dr. Ekim Tan’s book ‘Negotiation and Design for the Self-organizing City: City Gaming as a Method for Urban Design’ included.

Game Play in Noord
Game Play in Noord


Time: 13:00 – 17:15
Dates: 23 April 2015
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger, City Simulation Room

13.00 Doors Open


- Partnerships for Large Urban Projects
- Getting Smarter Together
- How Games get Serious

Dr. Ekim Tan, Architect, Urbanist, Game Designer, Founder and Managing Director of Play the City Consultants


Jacob Buitenkant, Architecture Historian, Game Master of Play the City Consultants


Nicolas Klaus, Political Sciences Expert, Head of Communications Expert of Play the City Consultants, UvA -University of Amsterdam

14.00 Your Mission Today

- Form your Vision
- Get to know your Co-players
- Strengthen yourself with drinks and bites

14.15 City-Game, Round 1: Position Yourself

- The rules of the Game are fixed, how you use them depends on you
- Develop your Strategy: Learn your conflicts, negotiate, build alliances

15.30 Drinks and Game Review

15.45 City-Game, Round 2: Put Your Ideas into Action

- You all are part of the challenge but your objectives are different
- Test your plans against other interests on the table

16.45 Post-discussion and Evaluation

- How did you experience the Game?
- What objectives were reached?
- How would you have approached a task like this without a Game?
- What is the value of the outcome?

17.15 Time to go home: Were you the Game Changer today?