Emma T. Gaskell

Overall Results of FUD Testing

What did the users think?

The Pis' Team at Mediamatic conducted a Female Urination Device study. We chose 7 reusable and disposable portable urination devices and 6 woman to test them as well as, 2 urine collector urinals with 4 woman to test. Using a variety of locations and several different clothing options, we hope to have a clear understanding of what, where, when and why to use each FUD.


Reviewing FUD's at Mediamatic - The Pis'Talk team at Mediamatic and the 9 portable FUD's being tested. Ana Valls

Reusable and Disposable Reviewed Devices
In order from Favorite to Least Favorite - All scores are out of 5
Whiz-Freedom - 4.2
P-MATE - 3.6
WoPeeH - 3.5
SHEWEE - 3.5
GoGirl - 3.3
pStyle - 3.2
Urinelle - 2

Click on the links to read why the devices deserved these scores. Which one is best for your adventures or eagle piss designs like those of Theo Brandwijk's?

Compartment Urinals will be tested for the next Pis'Talk
TravelJohn - 4
Happee - 3.5