Urinal research

Different waterless urinals for the installation on the facade

This document contains information of the waterless urinals, the different compagnies we've been in contact with and the latest contact details.

There are some interesting things to know up front. When I called with the urinal compagnies, they both said: don't go for ceramic ones. 'One well placed kick and your urinal is destroyed'. Uridan recommended their models made out of polyester. Urined said that it was best to choose their steel model. It is possible to have the steel ones in white as well (without extra costs adding to the price).
Another thing to look at is the system. Uridan for example works with Urilock, a system that keeps the smell out, and the fluid that it uses is bio degradable. Because almost every urinal works with a different lock and each has a different time capacity from when they need to be replaced.


Urinal 'Standard' by Uridan - The model Standard from company Uridan Uridan

Uridan (Harderwijk)
Contact person: Jair de Haan
Emailadress: dehaan@uridan.nl
Phone number: +31 (0)341 870044
Website: uridan.nl
Offer: the urinals for the purchase price (depends on the urinal but most of the times it's a 50-60% discount) and free installation.
Model: depends on which one we want (recommended to not choose the ceramic ones!)
Latest contact: they are super interested in seeing the design and coming by to see the location. I will give you the advise to make an appointment with them as soon as possible if you're interested in choosing this offer.


Urinal '8500 edelstaal' by Urined - The model 8500 edelstaat from company Urined Urined

Urined (Beuningen)
Contact person: Tim Krijnen
Emailadress: info@urined.nl
Phone number: +31 24 677 5130
Website: urined.nl
Offer: 50% discount on the urinals and installation
Model: 8500 edelstaal (in white)
Latest contact: sent a proposal for the urinals, the installation and the other things you need for the urinals like the valves and connectors.