Motel Mozaique 2008

dEUS, Goldfrapp, Jamie Lidell and more friends

10 Apr 2008
13 Apr 2008

Another killer line up for the art, media and music festival Motel Mozaique! Music wise, Belgium's rock and roll is back with dEUS and Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire frontman). Synths, electronica and theramins come with Goldfrapp, Efterklang and Jamie Lidell, and Peter Broderick, Be Your Own Pet and the Mystery Jets will also be there. The exhibition in TENT. called REDEFINE THE ENEMY enlisted artists like Jonas Staal with Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei and Justin Wijlers to comment on current political issues- not just as outsiders, but as participants in this society. Sean Penn's film INTO THE WILD will premiere as well, detailing Christopher McCandless' tragic rejection of society and flee to Alaska.


Motel Mozaique in your head in 2008 -


dEUS was only just announced as a frontliner for Motel Mozaique. With former band members Stel Kamil Carlens (Zita Swoon), Danny Mommens (Vive La Fete) and Rudy Trouve as Motel Mozaique regulars (Former member Tim Vanhamel will also be performing this year as a solo act), as well as lead singer Tom Barman constantly grabbing at the turntables after the bands are done, it was only a matter of a pocket revolution before dEUS would get back together and perform at Motel Mozaqiue.

Besides Belgians, there are plenty of other big names. Goldfrapp will present her new understated album Seventh Tree, with fragile songs which contrast with her previous work on Black Cherry and Felt Mountain. Warper Jamie Lidell will bring his band and give a live introduction to his next album JIM.

Singer songwriters like Jana Hunter, who signed on Devendra Banhart's label Gnomonsong, A Fine Frenzy, Mariee Sioux and Simone White will be bringing the folk theme we were getting used to from Motel Mozaique, and besides them, there is too much to list.


Jonas Staal and Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei will present 'Forty Years of Boredom', a immersive three dimensional manifesto against the fragmentation of society. Fine artists Justin Wijlers and Rob Scholte will show their reappropriation of news and historic images, and there will be more installation art by Isis Hoos, photography by Ingrid Baars and films by Maartje van Zon and Mostafa Heravi.


Conny Jansen Danst will be performing Sparring partners, a piece for five dancers inspired by organ music. The sacred organ will be taken a little less seriously as an instrument in the music composed by Jeroen van Vliet.

PIPS:LAB will be there as well, and instead of throwing washing machines at you they will help you die gracefully as well on the internet, by helping you upload your soul to 'DieSpace'.


For the film Into the Wild, Sean Penn adapted the 1996 book by Jon Krakauer, which in turn was based on the diaries of Christopher McCandless. At the age of 24, Chris McCandless left behind the materialistic society for a journey of solitude into the wilderness of Alaska. The film has yet to be released in the Netherlands, and will premiere at Motel Mozaique.

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Tickets: €30 per day or all weekend for €55