Emma T. Gaskell

Urine: Arousal Stimulating Chemical?

Pheromones: selective chemical messengers that reveal if human's are sexually attracted to one another. Relative to smell, these pheromones can be secreted through the skin, sweat glands, saliva, and the most debatable, urine. Has the smell of urine been proven to attract the partner of your dreams?


Does urine provide a pheromone that links to sexual attraction? - clipartpanda.com

Scientists have been using mice for lab experiments for decades. One experiment is based on pure and natural attraction to a specific pheromone found in none other than our main focus: Urine. Urine happens to be rich in sex pheromones, especially in ovulating females and fertile males but it is still uncertain if they affect humans capability of attracting a mate.

One study was done in University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Half of the females mice were put into an environment that was littered with dominate male pee and the other half in a clean environment. Within a week, the pheromones from the dominant males stimulated the female brain to make new neurons where the females exposed to the clean environment showed no changes. The neurons from the stimulated females grew in the olfactory bulb of the brain which is related to sense of smell.

Monkeys are also a mammal that reacts to urine as a sexual stimulant. It was recently discovered that male monkeys rub their own urine on their hands feet and sometimes body to attract females. It is said that the females can tell the difference between dominant vs. juvenile males and will choose the one more suitable to mate.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), urine has not been recorded to pose as a strong sexual arousal for humans. One study reveals the scent of urine failing as a sexual stimulant. Although, we do go out of our way to cover up our natural scents or perspiration with perfumes and odor protectors when this may not be the best way to attract a lover.

Maybe down the road urine scent will have it's place as a natural, sexual arousal, but for now we can stick to our other natural odors...and maybe some fruity lotion.