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Top 7 Architectural Design Software Programs

Top 7 Architectural Design Software Programs

There are dozens of architectural software programs that differ in terms of features, price and quality.


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There are dozens of architectural software programs that differ in terms of features, price and quality. In this article, I will focus on the options for design professionals as well as for design beginners. Here are some of the most popular architectural design programs along with some comments. All of this software is widely used in design companies all over the world but can also be utilized by common users.
Many users choose this program because it is stable and convenient when it comes to the platforms they are able to work on, unlike other programs. The other reason is that it is simple and has a user-friendly design. The problem with this software is that AutoCAD images cannot be viewed in it. This requires you to either ask for an architect’s help or to do all the changes on your own.
This one became popular and well-known after Google bought the rights to it. This program allows you to make 3D designs of buildings easily and quickly. This software doesn’t include any special features that cannot be found in other software, however, its price is affordable especially if you don’t need any special features. This one is a great deal for students and beginners who are looking for a program to generate 3D designs in a short amount of time.
Revit Architecture
This is a program designed for building BIM or information modeling, which is the basis of longstanding design. It allows you to save and coordinate changes automatically and is an easy way to create a complete and consistent project.
This is a simple program for all basic design needs. Its great features include support-building data modeling that gives you complete documentation, 3D design capabilities, real-time cost reports and a list of materials. This one is extremely good for commercial and residential designs.
Autodesk Revit
This program allows users to make high-quality designs more easily. It supports the modeling workflows and building data which helps you to reach and analyze each object and concept, meet your goals with documentation and with the overall construction of a project. This is a good solution for those who are looking for good functionality.
Vectorworks Architecture
This software is not that simple to use, but it allows a designer to enjoy a great range of functions to reach outstanding results and create amazing projects. You will have to spend a couple of long hours learning how it works before using it, but it will be worth it. It will become much easier to use in time. This program supports building data modeling.
AutoCAD Architecture
This is a version of AutoCAD created for architects. They have the same platform and are easy to understand if you are an experienced designer. This one is designed for professionals and allows them to do effective drafting, create documents and designs. It can be found for on the internet for free and is tailor-made for an architect, which is why it is recommended.