Smell Dating

Sniff out your true partner

Love is a reaction, and smells are really just floating chemicals. Knowing this, it makes sense to build a dating agency around the idea that scent is a larger factor in attraction than physicality. Enter Smell Dating, the world's first service of its kind.


lovely armpits - Theoretically, smell is a better indication of a good partner than looks

Where most dating applications focus on painstakingly curated appearances, here is a project that tries to restore some of the more intuitive aspects of finding a partner. Artist and environmental engineer Tega Brain felt connection is a matter of intercourse, not interface, and that it was time for a change. Here's how it works: apply, get sent a shirt, wear it for three consecutive days and nights (no deodorant allowed), and send it back. Soon enough you'll receive bits of cloth from other applicants through the mail. Once you've found a nice smelling one, it hopefully turns into a match! If this is the case, Smell Dating will send you each other's contact info, and the rest is up to you.

So if you have no luck talking to the ladies (or lads), you might consider sending them a well-worn shirt. Let your body odour do the talking, and find someone who is chemically compatible to you!


people sniffing shirts - A still from the promotional video for Smell Dating by Tega Brain Tega Brain

With: Tega Brain