Arjan Brentjes

Short Film Maker


Arjan Brentjes - Short Film maker.

Arjan Brentjes makes short films that comment on and question the global technological future.

In 2008 artist Arjan Brentjes stopped painting and began making short films. This change came because the medium of film was closer to his interest in modern communication and media.

In these films he experiments with different ways to bring something across to the viewer. In this way, Arjan often takes the viewer back to a movie style from the past in order to look at our future from there. This thereby wittily comments on the development of our technological society. Perspective is key.

Arjan on Vimeo.

Contact information

  • Arjan Brentjes
  • P.O. Box 14740
  • 1001 LE
  • Amsterdam
  • NL