Kinetic lightinstallation by Mike Rijnierse and Willem Marijs

11 Dec 2008
12 Jan 2009

LUMOKINESE by Mike Rijnierse and Willem Marijsis is one of the winning projects of the BNG WORKSPACE PROJECT PRIZE 2008. The interactive installation gives an insight of how the commonly existing diversity of colours around us arises.


Lumokinese at Zaal 5 , by Mike Rijnierse and Willem Marijs. -

By the use of lumodynamic effects (moving light) with independent light sources (red, green and blue) and the use of kinetic objects (driven by electro motors) fascinating, moving, overlapping shadows arise. The positioning of the objects in relation to the light produces dynamic shadows. The space is transformed to an animation machine or wonder lamp. One can imagine the impact as if walking around in a movie projector. LUMOKINESE is a manipulated space in which the visitor and his shadows go on a journey of which they themselves are an integral part.

Opening: Thursday December 11th at 20.00 hrs at Zaal 5 in Den Haag. Frans Evers, senior researcher ArtScience at the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, will open the installation. On view from December 11, 2008 - January 12, 2009, daily from 18.00 hrs until 22.00 hrs, on Sundays from 14.00 onward. Free of charge!