edition Steampunk

18 Sep 2008
21 Sep 2008

18-21 September, Enschede will encounter the fifth edition of the GOGBOT festival. www.gogbot.nl
Exciting and innovative multi media art with 150 international artists will turn the city into a thrilling environment.

Singing Tesla Coils, Rayguns from the FX-studio WETA of Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings), Robots & Steam, the Mean meat machine, freakshow, the largest multi media event with street art, cinema, lectures, music, technology and popular culture of the year.


GOGBOT steampunk.jpg - Steampunk, this years theme of the GOGBOT festival, 2008 see www.gogbot.nl

19th century steam energy blast into 21st century technology!!

inspired by cyberpunk authors Bruce Sterling and William Gibson:

"The Industrial Revolution has grown old. So machines that Romantics
considered satanic now look romantic. (...) Steampunks are digital
natives and therefore post-industrial. (...) The past is a kind of future that has already happened."

Vintage versus Future with a do-it-yourself attitude.

Joost Conijn, Zoro Feigl, Arno Coenen, 02L, Paul Klotz, Tinkebell, Pipslab, Freerk Wieringa, Filip Jonker, Floris Bovee, Wessel Westerveld (der Wexel), Erik Groen, Edwin Stolk, Reinier Kranendonk, Lobke Meekes, de Poppekastkrakers, Christian Zwanikken, Abramovic.......

Live acts: Ceephax Acid Crew, (UK), Panacea, (D) TheTeknoist,(UK) Mu-ziq, (UK) Noisia, Gay Against You,(UK) Jason Forrest (D), DuranDuranDuran, STU, (CH) Goto 80, (Se) Computadora, (D) Unyx, Elemental, Jakuza, Maze, Data Noir and more.... Dr. Mad freakshow, Singing Tesla Coils

electro, noise, break-core, drum&base, trash, punk electro

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