Zo niet, dan toch!

mobile hackathon in virtual space

29 Jun 2013

The mobile hackathon will take place 2 months before the festival Zo niet, dan toch. Amsterdam Noord will transform into a temporary creative lab in public and virtual space. Zo niet, dan toch!


IMG_9236 - Zo niet , dan toch is a virtual festival of one day in Amsterdam Noord with a (preliminary) mobile hackathon. The festival will show new ways of experiencing existing art forms in the virtual space. The festival will take place in virtual space, a space without limitations and with new oppurtunities.

A variety of disciplines will meet and work together. The hackathon is meant for designers, developers, architects, artists, musicians and everybody who is interested in joining.

The projects you work on can be developed further to have their show case at the festival. Some projects will be rewarded with a small financial support for further development of the project towards the festival.

More information and registration: www.zonietdanto.ch