Dæmian Garett

Line-Art Exhibit

Hand-drawn images & electronic remixes.


Imaginary Plant 01 - IP-1, by Dæmian Garett (2009). Hand drawn with pen on paper. All rights reserved. Dæmian Garett

This work is drawn by hand using a fine-tip ballpoint pen with liquid ink on common acid-free drawing papers.

The inspiration for the subjects of the Imaginary Plants series is the curvilinear forms and textures of plant life. Stylistically these pieces are informed most by Art Nouveau’s international expressions, in particular Alphons Mucha and Gustav Klimt.

The hope for viewers is to feel the undulation of plants, their voluptuous leaves, their serene language of lines and textures, their liquid motion. The bold shapes of plants move me, existentially: it is as if I see cannot help seeing primordial ideas in them.

Coming work and sketches on this site (see below) are the building blocks of a new series of ‘digital’ images, tentatively called Imaginary Machines. For these, I am applying electronic tropes (e.g., layering, iterations, scaling, transparency, et al) to the handiwork of line, shape and texture, to set the stage for something like a contemplative and even trance-inducing experience.