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The Psychology of Smell: using Margherita's Scents Apparatus - Upon entering the event space, attendees were invited to use the Scents Apparatus and smell the different odours inside each. Willem Velthoven

Margherita is a designer fascinated by studying the visual, tactile and sensorial perception of the world around her.

Smell is the most primordial human sense but it is often forgotten. Every breath inhales molecules, even when we sleep. It all flows into our brain and subconscious. Smell is also a strong reminder and it works in a different way for each person.

Margherita's work 'Scents Apparatus' aims to create a direct interaction between man, space and scent. The scent is activated when a person blows into the vase, rather than being passively perceived. In this way a stronger connection and a greater awareness is developed with the smell. These vases will be on display this evening.

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